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By Prof. Humayun Ghauri

“The two things that can satisfy the soul are a person and a story; and even a story must be about a person.” opines G.K Chesterton. Today I intend to explore the profile of a person; Professor Dr Nizamuddin the vice chancellor, University of Gujrat. He is a legend in his own life time. His life is a progress and not a station. He conjures up great visions and is perpetually on the move; always in practice; scaling ever new heights.

He keeps his associates and affiliates also on the move, towards achievements; towards pinnacle of glory. His motto appears to be in Browning’s words “the best is yet to be”.

Read at Logic is Variable

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Skill to fight

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Read the story of Pakistani women fighter pilots here.


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At Thatta Kedona

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Ten years ago Thatta Kedona project started aiming to fight poverty and to support poor women living in the countryside near Gogera in the district Okara. The products of Thatta Kedona project have earned a great reputation both inside and outside Pakistan, thanks to the voluntary efforts of designer and scientist Dr. Senta Siller. The main products are handcrafted dolls dressed in the garments of the different provinces of Pakistan and of minority groups such as the Kalashi and the Makrani.

In the past ten years there has been much talk in both national and international organizations, and in smaller circles, about supporting women living in the countryside. The key words in these discussions were 'women empowerment' 'tender training.' A lot has been written about this.

Read about Thatta Kedona development here.

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High Quality Tire Chains

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Commuting is an essential part of our lives and so is the movement of commercial goods from one place to the other. These movements become challenging and difficult once you happen to be moving on your passenger or commercial vehicle(s) in snowbound areas. The difficulties posed by the snow covered roads can only be correctly imagined only by the ones who have the personal experience of undertaking the drive through snow bound roads. The vehicle has got to be good and reliable and so has got to be its tires. But, most importantly, the tire chains have got to be the best.

Poor or average quality tire chains can save you some money but these will lead you to a big trouble once put to test. You have got to have total steering control which is all dependent on the quality of tire chains your vehicle is equipped with. Cheap steel alloy chains won't work. You must have the Pewag line  high quality nickel manganese tire chains which are mostly made in Austria. Their assembly is done in Austria, Czech, and USA. Unlike the steel alloy chains mostly coming from polluting industry, these nickel manganese tire chains come from the industries which are environment friendly. offers high quality tire chains from the manufacturers of the best tire chains in the world. Unlike the steel alloy chains, these nickel manganese tire chains last longer, don't break and don't rust . These Pewag line tire chains are costlier than the ordinary steel alloy tire chains but are a lot more reliable, dependable, durable and, above all, safer. For the budget minded people, offers the Glacier V-Trac tire cables. These cables give far better traction than the ordinary cobra cables. The variety of tire chains includes Tire Chains by Tiresize, V-Trac Cables, SLIMTec TT5 Chains, Sportmatic SMX, Chains, Brenta-C Chains, All Square Chains, Titan Grip Chains, Tractor Chains and Equipment Chains. Installation movies on the site are very educative.

Besides offering high quality tire chains, they also offer outdoor gear items like Tents, Sleeping Bags, Cots, Backpacks, Spot Tracking Device and Backpacking Watches. has an efficient and friendly customer service. They are, but only, a click away from you.

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Dolls makers from accross the world

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The idea behind the Dolls of the World took birth in Pakistan when Thatta Kedona - a self help project - started in small Punjab village Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka in Pakistan and NGO Anjuman-e-Falah-e-Aama (AeFeA) was registered in 1999. The rest is history as they say.

AeFeA has grown multidimensional over time. Now AeFeA cooperates with six local NGOs all over Pakistan from Karachi to Hunza and in many countries around the globe. In Pakistan, the project also enjoys cooperation of prestigious educational institutions – Bahaud Din Zakriya University Multan, Indus Valley School for Art and Architecture, Karachi, School of Visual Art, Lahore, Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi – interested in heritage, culture and or agriculture.

Women from other countries heard about the success of the project in Pakistan through DGFK newsletters and other media channels as well as through word of mouth (mostly from diplomatic corps housewives) and invited Dr. Senta Siller - Mother of Dolls - to start similar projects in their countries. In Cameroon, three independent NGOs -- Akwatinnighah (1998), Akaanhong (2002) and Center of Appropriate Technology in (2001) are working where over 90 persons are involved in handicrafts and appropriate technology with support from Bamenda University of Science Technology, Bamenda.

Tanto Mejor Por La Paz, Saboya is working in Colombia in cooperation with four independent local NGOs or similar organizations since 1999. Over 60 persons are busy in handicraft with collaboration from Dept of Environment Technology National University in Bogate and AeFeA.

Besides, AeFeA has networked with International Dolls Museum Flateyri and University of Reykjavik in Iceland and Benaki Museum Greece. In UAE-Dubai, AeFeA is participating in Global Village Expo every year since 2001. In Germany, besides most German senior experts coming to Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka, Dolls of the World project has support from Institute for Planning and Consulting, Potsdam.

This international community of like minded people has come a long way. Sky is their limit.

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Flood 2010

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If flood comes, where should the animals go? Read the story here.


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Why telecommuting trend is not picking up

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Advances in information and collaborative technologies have recently resulted in changes in work practices. Emerging technological phenomenon called telecommuting (or telework) is changing focus from physical presence at the primary work site to what an employee can deliver. While the concept of telecommuting has been in existence for some time, the technological tools available today are making it possible to practice it more productively. The trend has steadily grown over the past two decades in the developed world.

Why telecommuting trend is not picking up in Pakistan, find out here.

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