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Ploy of WikiLeaks

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Wikileaks claimed by the publishers to be genuine set of thousands of confidential papers pertaining to the intelligence agencies including ISI of Pakistan have certainly created a big alarm the world over. The papers allege a direct connection between Taliban and the ISI, and, that too, planning against USA. However, the ground realities negate the same. How could there be a back door covet relationship between the two opposing belligerents who happen to be leaving no opportunity to kill and capture each others men even if it is at the cost of collateral damage?

These leaks are indeed a great ploy which has been orchestrated by the vested quarters who stand gain out of this drama. All this has been planned to put Pakistan under pressure. It is not going to do any good to the relationship between Pakistan and the U.S. The trust deficit which already exists between the two is likely to be further widened.

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